Announcing The StagePro™ Beta Program

The StagePro™ software program is an interactive app for stage managers and directors to communicate and manage various aspects of producing a show, including planning, blocking, and calling the show. It is designed for use on tablets, smartphones, and soon will be available for laptops/desktops using a web-browser. There is nothing else like it on the market today!

Curious? Sign up now for free! You can try the sample script and stages that come with the StagePro™ app. Or do you want to use it for your own production? Give us at least a week before you begin rehearsals. We will work with the publisher to convert your script into a compatible electronic format.

As a member of the StagePro™ software beta program, you can help shape the exciting future of stage management software by using pre-release versions and telling us what you think.

Video Overview

Free Beta through December 31, 2017

Still not convinced? Here are a few of the features...

Pre-Production Planning Tools

  • Manage contact lists.
  • Create calendar for planning.
  • Identify the actors in each scene to assist with scheduling rehearsals.
  • Setup cast and crew.
  • Generate property lists, costume lists, equipment lists, to do lists.
  • Print sign-in sheets.

Blocking Tools

The StagePro™ software program allows users to add blocking directions directly into the script and then share a printed or electronic version with the entire production team. The new script illustrates graphically where the actors should be positioned on the set (see below actors are “A” “G” “P”). This can save a significant amount of time in the early stages of rehearsals.

Rehearsal Tools

  • Add rehearsal notes for any line of the script.
  • Page numbers from printed script match publisher's scripts for quick reference.
  • Line numbers indicated for precise reference.
  • Add light and sound cues.
  • Distribute the rehearsal notes and cues to specific members or the entire production team.

Other Features

  • Share production information, blocking Information, notes, and cue information across all devices for a production.
  • Script changes shared with the MyLines® line memorization app.
  • Line numbers indicated for precise reference.
  • Call the show with light and sound cues.

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